About Us

Founded in 1951 in Northern California, Dittos and Dittos Print have achieved continuous and consistent growth in a competitive, fast-paced and ever-changing marketplace. Located in Modesto, Dittos operates one of Northern California’s largest and oldest offset sheet fed printing operations. A 2001 expansion into the digital copy business has allowed Dittos to grow with our customer based in an industry known for constant change and demanding excellence in information and technology.

Dittos is committed to leading the way in an industry where change is unavoidable and bigger is not necessarily better. With a laser focus on customer services and product quality, Dittos is positioned to earn your business in a local marketplace populated with less capable companies and more detached larger brands.

As our national competition continues to confuse their customers with reinvented product lines and images through changing business models and company mergers, Dittos is focused on what built our company – providing a complicated product in a simple yet serious fashion. With over 50 employees and a combined 800+ years of industry experience, Dittos is the right company to handle your most important printed material.